Won-Door FireGuard accordion doors are a unique type of product found in many buildings throughout Southern California.  Primarily, these accordion style doors are used as fire protection between sections of buildings that require a fire barrier per design and code.  The Won-door fire rated door fills this need, especially where overhead space is an issue.  Unlike overhead coiling fire doors, Won-doors are accordion style, and stack to one or both sides of the opening.  They require much less overhead room than standard roll up doors.  To add to versatility, Won-doors can also provide for curved track, which allows for expanded architectural flair.

Won-doors should be tested and serviced annually.  With proper maintenance, these accordion FireGuard doors will last for many years.  Barr Commercial Door is factory trained and fully supported to repair, service and test all Won-door fire doors throughout Southern California.  We have factory trained estimators and technicians who are Won-door certified to service these doors.  Our response times are very quick, so when you need immediate service, call Barr Commercial Door for all your Won-door repair, testing and service needs.

Won-doors are perfect for wide open spaces that need temporary access blocked such a fire accordion sliding doors.  See photos below for details and call us for your custom needs!

Won-Doors Photos