Rolling Aluminum Grilles

Rolling Aluminum Grilles allow for a wide range of security applications where good looks and moderate security are required. Rolling Aluminum Grilles are most often found in shopping malls, parking structures and store front window applications. Rolling grilles can be manually operated, motorized, and/ or tied into existing access control systems. Rolling Aluminum Grilles provide security, while providing clear visibility through the opening when the Grille is closed. Many different patterns, colors and materials are available to meet your specific architectural requirements. When additional security is required, rolling grilles can come with Plexiglas inserts or be made with steel rods in place of aluminum. For applications that call for curves or bends, horizontal sliding grilles will meet these needs. Standard colors and finishes include mill or anodized aluminum, and anodized bronze. Other custom colors are available to meet specific color schemes depending on your project.

Rolling Aluminum Grilles provide security and protection of openings.  Aluminum Grilles allow vision and ventilation.  Stores that are closed and want customers to be able to view products inside when walking by choose this option.

Rolling Aluminum Grille features include:

  • Custom made to fit most openings
  • Vertically or horizontally opening option to meet your needs
  • Manual or motor operation
  • Interior or exterior mount