Commercial Bullet Resistant & Sound Resistant Doors

Barr Commercial Door offers a wide array of specialty doors such as Bullet & Sound Resistant doors.  Bullet Proof doors can be made to resist a wide range of bullet calibers, from light hand guns up to high caliber rifles. Sound resistant door can contain STC ratings up to 54, and above depending on application.  Specialty doors, including Bullet Proof & Sound Proof Doors, help meet specific requirements and objectives on various types of projects. Many facilities including banks, financial institutions, government buildings and court houses are common projects that require Bullet Resistant Doors. Sound Resistant Doors can be found in legal facilities, recording studios, sound stages and equipment rooms.  These types of specialty doors are designed and custom built for each project and application.  They are available in various sizes & types, which will be determined by the application, engineering & architectural requirements.  Each project is specific, so contact Barr Commercial Doors to set up a free estimate for your next project.

We bring you an affordable and effective range of sound resistant doors with amazing sound control capabilities. These are ideal for recording rooms, studios, dorm rooms, offices, conference rooms or any other place located in or near a high-traffic area and the need for quiet!